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Decorating Inspiration. Where do you get yours?

Where do you get your inspiration from? Some people get it from watching HGTV, maybe you have a favorite designer, and you just love their signature style or colors. Some get inspired from their surroundings. If you live on the coast, you might love cool colors, or, if you live the mountain life you might love greens, pinecones, and bears.

A rustic style might be yours! You don't have to decorate your home to reflect your surroundings. You can have a farmhouse kitchen and not necessarily live on a farm. I honestly think I really don't have a style, well… that's not true.

We all have our own style and it's one thing that we get to think of as all our own. I need to think of a name for my style and I'm developing it as the holidays are quickly approaching. Most of us are more in tune to decorating as they get closer. I'm extra excited for the holidays this year since I have a whole store to decorate! I have those two hearths so stay tuned and see what's up my sleeve!

Hope you enjoy this video of my Autumn hearth!


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