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Hop over to "The Loft"

Spring is in the air and I am feeling it! I have been having so much fun getting my Easter decorations out. So hop on by & check it out if your in the area.

We are having so much fun here at "The Loft" we now have a U TUBE channel, Instagram, Facebook and let the blogging begin.

I am doing Lives With Linda...we have crafting videos, store walk throughs, face book live where you can see updates on new arrivals. Tuesday nights Live With Linda is bringing you Live sales starting at 7:00 Pacific standard time. You can make your purchase in our on line store, on our website ( and have it mailed to you, or you can arrange for instore pickup.

What's next....maybe TikTok or Twitter or maybe even a pod cast! All I know is we are having a ton of fun over here.

Did I mention the classes and special guest we have here too?

The First Tuesday of every month we have Erin Montoya from Murphy's come here at 6:00 and perform cleansings on you and does Oracle Angel card readings. Her energy is super and she has a true gift! The cost of this is only $20.00. You get to shop after hours while you wait for your reading.

We are bringing back the craft classes and these are usually Wednesday evenings and Saturday evening as well, although you can book your group of friends for a class and bring your beverage of choice.

I haven't really even touched on the Décor And More and now your know all about the ETC.

Today is April 1,2022 and this is the official start of my blogging so please start following me and I know you will be entertained and hopefully have some laughs.



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