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Linda's Loft Etc. is a home decor store & so much more!

Here at Linda's Loft we want to inspire you to "let your home tell your story." The Loft is my story to share with my community. I grew up here in Arnold and really am a hometown girl.

I got my creativity from my mom, so I have a cute little book nook named after her. "Nana's Book Nook," and the kids that come in the store just love it! (and so do the moms)

Because I was raised here in this beautiful mountain community we always had wood stoves to heat us during the winters. I always wanted a hearth in my home and since I didn't have one I put two of them in my store. The hearth is the heart of the home and I want to let everyone know there is so much more to a hearth than hanging Christmas stocking at Christmas. You can decorate it for every season and holiday.

Right now the focus at The Loft is fall decor, Autumn is just around the corner..

My black hearth is more of a traditional fall display all except for the pearls. I'm guessing you don't usually see pearls as part of your fall decor.. Is there any time when pearls aren't ok?

The white hearth is more of a modern feel to fall, with the felt garland with beautiful shades of rust, grays and creams. This is where you can express yourself and begin telling your story of style..

There is nothing like the feeling of pride when you give someone a homemade gift, something you made with love. So we are also offering crafting classes and they are for everyone- there is nothing so advanced you can't do it! We are starting off with fall decor for your home, so come on down to "The Loft" and put your talents to the test.

Because I am a new business and just getting started my inventory is still coming in so be sure and pop by, Linda's Loft Etc. and see what my style and story is here at "The Loft."

I hope my Blog is a place for you to come and get inspirations for your home.


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